1/ Concept Meeting

Los Angeles based design and development team will meet with you to discuss trends and color stories, fabric selection, design and product development needs. We will customize a program that works best for your company.

2/ Strategic Focus

Work with each customer to customize a design and development process. Options include Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), Product Development, Our Own Brands.

3/ Knitting & Weaving

Our facilities include knitting and weaving mills. The entire process is computerized and monitored by our highly skilled team. We are able to customized fabrics to your requirements or work with your nominated mills.

4/ Color Development & Dyeing

Our professional colorist and fabric QA team will control the color according to customer's light source requirement. We will provide Lab Dips for your approval.

5/ Laundry

All fabrics are tested by our own in-house laboratory. We use fabric pre-shrinking machines and relax fabric for at least 48 hours before cutting.

6/ Testing

Our in-house testing facilities include: tear and tensile strength, color fastness, shrinkage, twist, and PH value. We also work with 3rd party testing facilities as designated by customer.

7/ Cutting

To ensure the precision and efficiency of cutting, we own the latest automatic cutting machines and tables. We currently have 8 large cutting tables, 5 OSHIMA auto fabric pulling machines, and I auto cutting machine. All mini marker and patterns are made by the computer.

8/ Sewing

Our 1,000 highly skilled workers specialize in sewing knit or woven garments and are devoted to ensuring the highest quality garments.

9/ Finishing

In addition to traditional ironing, we have auto-ironing machines that improve the finishing and save time. Packing area includes designated folding and hanging areas.

10/ Quality Control

Before packing, we perform 100% in-line garment inspection to ensure only top quality goods are delivered to our customers.